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I worked with a 600 person call center of a major corporation. We were focusing on the importance of the greeting and the impact it made on the conversation. Have you ever called somewhere and could just tell that person was having a bad day? Well in this case, someone on one end of the floor started using a different greeting and it was fascinating how it just spread across the department. It was like watching ripples flow across a pond.

Every interaction we have with either a customer, employee or shareholder creates ripples for the organization. The question is, what type of ripples do you want? Positive ones that build others or negatives ones that tear people down. In one of my clients, we started using Post-it Notes and writing notes of appreciation to others and sticking them on their monitors. Before long, everyone was energized and motivated because of the appreciation they received. Too often, too much time passes between a sincere thank you or kudos for a job well done. The little things do make a difference.

It is hard to have satisfied customers if you don't have satisfied employees. We believe a little appreciation as well as some other employee building tactics will go a long way in creating ripples in your marketplace and transform your culture. Let us know what you think…